About Us


E2R Solutions Corp is a consulting and services firm based in Central Florida, since 2018, and an official member of the SAP® PartnerEdge® open ecosystem. Our dedicated team of experienced consultants is recognized for their professionalism and successful track record in assisting businesses with design, development, implementation, and operation of solutions that optimize organizational resources and add substantial value.


Our vision is to set the standard in job training and business consulting, specializing in SAP. We support small and medium-sized businesses enhancing the employability of their qualified personnel. We strive to be a trusted ally, providing tailored technological solutions to address contemporary challenges.


Our mission is to provide comprehensive services to businesses, focusing on consulting, job training, and new technologies applied within the SAP domain, generating business solutions that boost productivity and competitiveness through highly skilled personnel.

Professionals driven by values

At the center of our principles revolve around delivering business services of exceptional quality, with a strong sense of social responsibility and work-related inclusion. We continuously innovate to align with the competitiveness of modern businesses, fostering trusting long-term relationships with our clients.


There is only one way to satisfy the customer, give him more than he expects.


We deliver what we promise.

Highly Skilled

There is nothing impossible when you want.